Southern California
Gang Prevention & Intervention Conference
Sept. 27th, 2008

Abundant Living Family Church
10900 Civic Center Drive
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.  91730
8:00am - 3:00pm

Offering Hope & Solutions to Families & Individuals Influenced by Gangs

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Welcome and thanks for your interest in the Southern California Gang Prevention & Intervention Conference. This conference is designed to offer each attendee hope and a closer look at those who are doing the work of gang prevention and intervention.  

Each speaker will address gang issues that are relevant to all aspects of law enforcement, mental health agencies; faith based organizations, educators, nonprofit organizations, community members, parents, and all other concerned individuals and organizations.

Cordially and respectfully,
Jose “Pepe” Montenegro ,
Conference Coordinator

This is a conference of information, inspiration and hope.

Who should attend?
Not only should the above mentioned people attend, but those who are concerned professionals and community members. We believe that if you have questions about gangs we will provide the answers.

Why should you attend?
If you work with children and families affected by gangs or desire to work with them, this conference is for you.  You will gain a greater understanding of gangs and ways to effectively address this population. You will have a rare opportunity to network with and discuss current gang issues and solutions with like minded professionals and individuals.

What to expect.
Expect excellent key note speakers and workshop presenters from law enforcement, mental health agencies and former hard core gang members who have made a remarkable change toward gang free living. The conference is designed to allow you opportunities to ask questions after each keynote speaker and workshop presenter. 

Come and partner with us as we learn practical steps and keys to more effectively endeavor to provide solutions in our gang prevention and intervention services.

Keynote Speakers

Big Al Aceves.  Co-founder of “MONGOL NATION”.  Director, Rivers Edge Men’s Ranch.

Big Al grew up with a caring mother and had no contact with his father. As a child he lived in a physically violent and abusive family environment with his grandfather being the main violent abuser. Upon reaching adolescence, Big Al joined an ELA gang and along with his violent nature he began using heroin. His violent mentality led him to enlist for three tours of duty in Vietnam. While there, in hand to hand combat, he killed with his bare hands and earned a reputation that many grew to fear and respect. Was shot 3 times in combat and eventually came back to the states. Big Al continued with his drug use and horribly violent ways. In the early 1970's Big Al started MONGOL NATION. Come and listen as he gives insight to the making of a notorious gang member.  Al will also be given away 50 CD's of life story at the conference.

Tony "Pac Man" Moreno - Former LAPD gang cop who's life was featured in the movie, "COLORS".

Det. Tony Moreno ‘Pac-man’, LAPD (ret) served as a highly decorated member of LAPD for 31 years. His assignments included patrol, special problems unit, gang car, gang detail, school car, juvenile investigations, organized crime and intelligence, narcotics, homicide, CRASH, career criminal unit, gang field unit. From 1982-86 he drove a yellow Plymouth Fury police vehicle while assigned to the Department's Gang Detail and was nicknamed "Pacman" by the gang members in South/Central Los Angeles. His nickname and police vehicle were later used in the story line of the gang movie "Colors". He is the author of "Lessons from a Gang Cop" and has conducted training in over 100 major law enforcement and gang conferences and seminars throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

3. Art "Conejo" Blajos - Former hit man for the Mexican Mafia

Art Blajos grew up in a violent gangland subculture neighborhood that led to his imprisonment at the age of 16. He spent a total of 17 years in prison including four and a half years on Death Row fighting the death penalty.  For 15 years he was an assassin for a prison gang. In 1984 he had a breakthrough via the ministry of Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni and the Victory Outreach Ministry. He went to a Victory Outreach Rehabilitation Home and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior. God not only transformed his mind but also gave him a new heart. He recently authored Blood In, Blood Out a biography, which chronicles his life in crime, his conversion and his ministry within Victory Outreach International. Blood In, Blood Out has been tremendously effective in reaching thousands of inmates in the prison systems throughout the world as well as other hurting people of the world with the message, the hope and the plan of Jesus Christ.  His ministry includes personal street evangelism, gospel meetings, street rallies, crusades, Men's Discipleship Seminars and Prison Ministry Seminars.


Preregistration: (Until Sept. 23, 2008)
Individuals: $45 per person
5 or more: $35 per person,

At the door: (After September 23, 2008)
Individuals: $55 per person
5 or more: $45 per person

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Abundant Living Family Church
10900 Civic Center Drive
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.  91730
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  *  Lunch is provided
 * Certificate of Attendance
  *  Information & Resource tables

Tables are available to assist you in providing information at the conference
about your agency and services.  To reserve your table, please contact
Pepe Montenegro at 951-529-4884.


    GOEST has provided a wonderful service to our community by having the Gang Prevention and Intervention Conference.  This conference was an enlightening experience into what others are doing to help our youth and those in gangs.  We attended this conference with our seventeen-year-old daughter who was shown how our community helps others.  The conference had knowledgeable speakers and outstanding workshops.  The workshops also had informational handouts and had speakers who shared about their knowledge in helping others. The workshops revealed how working together (cops, citizens,churches,and city) can help prevent gang life.  Overall this conference is an outstanding place to meet others who want to help with gang prevention and intervention. The conference itself had a great schedule of events, was very well timed, and each speaker had enough time to share their stories with understandable information. God Bless
    Chaplain’s Ron and Brandi Dorres

    Thanks for all the valuable information today, it will certainly help me. I look forward to implementing many of the things I have learned in the near future.

    I really liked this (conference), it made me open my eyes to help out even more.
    I would like it if some of the speakers came to the OC Conservation Corp. and speak to the corps members.

    This is a great conference and I would recommend it to anyone who works with kids.


For more information

Gang Prevention & Intervention
Conference for Practitioners
Sept. 27, 2008
8:00am - 3:00pm

For questions please call: (951) 529-4884

Presented by
Gang Outreach Educational Strategies and Training

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